Clark-Shaw Science Fair Winners

Science Fair

The Clark-Shaw Science Fair was held on Thursday, January 27. Students in grades 6-8 participated. Below is a list of the winners.

Clark-Shaw Science and Engineering Fair 2022
Behavioral/Social Sciences
Grade 7
• 1st Kiyoshi’s Favorite Toy-- Mei-Ling Rollman
Grade 8
• 1st Color Conscience-- Joanna Junaid

Grade 6
• 1st To Bead or Not to Bead-- Brooke May
• 2nd Hydroponic Growth-- Isabella Meade
• 3rd Hydroponics-- Rachel Bonk
Grade 7
• 1st The Strawberry Jam-- Dante Nichols
• 2nd Where’s Our Sunlight?-- Keilani Nixon
• 3rd How Do Liquids Affect Plants?-- Dade Suarez
Grade 8
• 1st Can Plants Tolerate Greywater-- Rahaf Mustafa
• 2nd Seed Speed: Hydrogen Helps-- Kaleigh Hetzman
• 3rd Caffeine: Friend or Foe--: Ava Gibson

Grade 6
• 1st Plop Plop Fizz-- Jake Kennamer
• 2nd Metal vs. Bleach-- Catalina Bryan
• 3rd What Melts the Ice the Fastest?-- Kason Smith
Grade 7
• 1st Flour Power-- Katelin Taylor
• 2nd Bath Bomb Science-- Madison Bragg
• 2nd I See Vitamin C-- Piper Velaski
• 3rd Popping Boba and the Sci. of Spherification-- Eli Weatherford
Grade 8
• 1st It’s Hot Hot Hot-- Joey Large
• 1st Resisting the Rust-- Madeline Borchert
• 2nd One Drop At A Time-- Julia Pancheko
• 3rd Elephant Toothpaste: Dawn or Don’t-- London Wells
• 3rd Fruit vs. Jello-- Sophia Irby

Grade 6
• 1st Strength In Shapes-- Edwin Perry
• 2nd Rubber Band Elasticity and Temperature-- Daniel Rembert
• 3rd Make the Wind Work for You-- Eduardo Ramos
Grade 7
• 1st A New Way To Store Energy-- Allison Turner
• 2nd How Does Added Weight Affect Drone Battery-- Braden Beasley
• 3rd Flying High-- Brielle Turner
Grade 8
• 1st Soarin-- Brayden Turner
• 2nd Fastest Rollercoaster Design-- Calista Swope
• 3rd Muffled Materials-- Merrik Anderson

Environmental Science
Grade 6
• 1st Activated Carbon Filtration Comparison-- Sophia Piper
• 2nd Which Type of Water is the Hardest-- Lauren Mullen
• 3rd Chill We Got This Oil Spill-- Lacey Boyd
Grade 7
• 1st Bring On The Storm-- Leigha Newton
• 2nd How Does Soil Affect the PH of Water?-- Makayla Johnson
• 3rd What to Dew When You Need Water-- Avonlea House
Grade 8
• 1st Future of Clean Energy-- Mackenzie Conklan
• 2nd Acid In Action-- Jonathan De Le Fuente
• 3rd The Desalination Situation-- Peyton Humphrey

Math & Computer Science
Grade 6
• 1st What Materials Block Wi-Fi Signal-- James Colleli
• 2nd What Materials Affect Wi-Fi-- Jackson Hill
• 3rd What Materials Can Block Wi-Fi-- Mason Logan
Grade 7
• 1st Wi-Fi Signal Strength-- Christian Waltz
• 2nd iPhone 7 vs iPhone 11-- Makayla Nelson
Grade 8
• 1st Weatherman vs Weather Machine-- Natalie Morvant
• 2nd How Easily Can Your PW Get Hacked?-- Lalique Muhammad
• 3rd Effect of Different Materials on Wi-Fi-- Rei Jin

Medicine & Health
Grade 6
• 1st The Skinny on Moisturizers-- Addyson Parker
• 2nd Skincare! How to Keep Dry Skin Moist-- Jaidyn Bettis
• 3rd Great Globs of Gluten-- Georgia Todd
Grade 7
• 1st Acidify-- Anna Cate Smith
• 2nd Plop Plop Flizz-- Taylor Brown
• 3rd Mask Up!-- Kenya Stallworth
Grade 8
• 1ST Sugar Sugar Everywhere-- Victoria Howell
• 2nd Density and Nutrition… Is It Equal?-- Caidyn King
• 3rd X Marks The Spot-- Rebeka Johnson

Physical Science
Grade 6
• 1st Bottle Rocket Blast Off-- Ryan Crawford-Miles
• 2nd Great Globs of Gluten-- Charisma Matthews
• 3rd Having A Blast-- Samuel Couch
Grade 7
• 1st A Cold Conspiracy-- Taylor Alexander
• 2nd An Icy Situation-- Andre Gonzales-Espera
• 3rd Does Distance Affect Light Intensity-- Henry Sprague
Grade 8
• 1st Electrolyte Insight-- Bretland Williams
• 2nd The Fun Adventure Of Measuring Glass-- Nolan Allen
• 3rd Sound Check-- Laura Kate Wiley

Grade 6
• 1st Fly Away-- Violet Borchert
Grade 7
• 1st A Wormy Situation-- Nathan Williams
• 2nd What Food Scents Attract Dogs the Most-- Jordan Green
Grade 8
• 1st The Truth In Detergent-- Jamiyah Pettway
• 2nd What Will Make Them Glow?-- Azlyn Bachman
• 3rd The Bees Are Buzzing-- Vincent Palazzo