Clark-Shaw Learning Leading Award Winner

Learning Today Leading Tomorrow Mobile County Public Schools

Congratulations to Caiya Mitchell for being selected Clark-Shaw's Learning Leading Award Winner!

Caiya Mitchell has been 100 percent remote this year, not once setting foot on campus for a class. She has, however, been an amazingly involved Clark-Shaw student. Caiya created her own learning space at home complete with a desk, school supplies, and a whiteboard with a student-made spreadsheet so that she would stay organized while learning remotely. She loves to learn and is eager to take learning beyond classroom lessons and out into the community. Caiya shows initiative and has been a leader in group projects and in the science lab (labs completed remotely) this year. Caiya is a dedicated Clark-Shaw cheerleader and has participated safely in cheering for basketball games this year after school with social distancing and mask-wearing.

From both her in-person teachers last year in 7th grade to her remote teachers this year in 8th grade, Caiya has left an impact showing her to be responsible, creative, mature, and fun. 

She exemplifies a true Clark-Shaw Eagle and has shined this year as one of our remote students.